Bulzī Introduces Addressable OOH Advertising

Massive scale meets next-generation targeting


World’s first addressable digital out of home advertising platform.

Bulzī has introduced the world’s first addressable digital out of home advertising platform, leveraging real-time audience measurement to serve hyper-targeted campaigns. Big data analytics and the largest anonymous mobile phone location data supply ever assembled have enabled Bulzī to redefine how OOH audience is measured and served to.


Nationwide addressable advertising channel at scale.

Trying to activate an addressable ad campaign at scale? Simply provide Bulzī with your targeting requirements and your ads will be delivered to digital signs where and when appropriate. Reach targeted on-the-go consumers more efficiently at lower cost. Access web-like reporting and real-time direct-measured metrics. Directly activate segmentation groups or detailed demographics using over 950 targeting criteria (see Media Kit here).


Conflict free sales channel to improve fill rates.

Want to improve fill rates without disrupting your current sales channel activities? Bulzī’s technology converts your venue-based inventory into fully addressable inventory and services the emerging addressable advertising market. Straightforward technical start-up, access to next-generation audience metrics and no-cost engagement makes for a win-win partnership.